148+Sad Quotes About Life- Heart Touching Sad Love Quotes

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Sad Quotes can teach you a important life lesson. Everybody know life isn’t easy to live but we have to which can be helpful to wipe out your sadness and make easy to live a wonderful life. You can feel sad by various reason, because of non-public hassle or any other cause.

Here are some sad quotes, which may encourage you for better life. Irrespective of what life throws at us. Doesn’t matter how deep sadness we feel ourselves, just observe the brilliant aspect of life.

Each and every struggle we have done is a lesson that makes us capable for life ahead. May these sad quotes help you triumph over sadness and make you stronger and wiser in future, which let you to keep away from all previous errors you did.

If you like these beautiful line of sad quotes just examine and share with others to express your emotions.

Short Sad Quotes

Short sad quotes

Beautiful sad quotes, which can express your sorrow and pain of heart by words. Most people doesn’t show their sadness to public but they have lots of pain inside. These sad quotes help to express your pain and bring happiness in life somehow.

1. My silence is the words for my pain.

2. People love playing with someone emotions.

3. Locating myself is better than finding others.

4. She hates me because I know her truth.

5. The sadness will remain for forever.

6. Don’t make someone sense special if you don’t have to stay there.

7. I have lots of problems but I wake up every morning with smile.

8. Failure give me a power and the pain is my motivation. – Michael Jordan

9. On occasion pain helps you to boost up even more potent. – nameless

10. This moment can be a story in the future.– Stephen Chbosky

11. If you get a motive to be happy, take it. Because life is short. – Unknown

12. Try to bring smile on her face even if you are the motive for her sadness.– Unknown

13. Friendship ends in love, Love leads to new life. – Unknown

14. Don’t check your love, you simply want to enjoy. – Unknown

15. Love to your loved ones as you probably did before.– Unknown

16. Don’t be in confusion, this can lead you to separation. – Unknown

17. So sick of pretending that the whole thing is okay because it’s no longer. – Unknown

18. Recollections have to be our most painful blessing. – Kanye West

19. Fight for what’s well worth combating for.– Unknown

20. You say you will care, but yiu made to cry forever. – Unknown

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Depressing Quotes

Depressing Quotes

Sometime people fell in depress and think the life is nothing as they think. The painful emotion and depressing moment can heal you by our beautiful sad quotes. Just pick a sweet lines of these sad quotes and share to others, of course its bring little on you to live life.

1. One-sided love is purely yours, nobody have right on that.– Unknown

2. I did love you even while you left me lonely. – Unknown

3. People see your success but they never see your conflict. – Unknown

4. If you are sad, reflect inconsideration on the poor person.– Unknown

5. Life is difficult, you want to be study from inside. – Unknown

6. If you aren’t getting your expectation, change the route. – Unknown

7. You may wipe out a person’s tears, but not their memory. – Unknown

8. One higher relation creates many relationships.– Unknown

9. Moving on isn’t always smooth. – Unknown

10. Be by selfish or be a wise choice is yours.– Unknown

11. One lie can destroy a person’s life.– Unknown

12. Your memories can hurt.– Unknown

13. True hearts are too rare.– Unknown

14. Finding myself is higher than locating others. – Unknown

15. Trust on your love. Your love can give you something.– Unknown

16. Love is to be felt, it can not be achieve.– Unknown

17. We suffer extra in creativeness than in fact.– Unknown

18. If you love, don’t wait for the perfect time. – Unknown

19. Talk to yourself, at least nobody going to shout you. – Unknown

20. He may talk rudely, later he will suffers from tension. – Unknown

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Sad Messages About Love & Life

Sad Messages About Love & Life

Nobody have a incredible life always, its depend on person how to live life. Some people take it seriously and some doesn’t care on it. But its not easy to handle the life amazingly. Sometime a word is enough to heal your pain so hopefully these sad quotes helps to make your life wonderful.

1. Damaged my heart, damaged me, but not my life.– Unknown

2. I left, because you deserve someone more than me. – Unknown

3. Apologize on mistake, this will save your life. – Unknown

4. Turn your wounds into wisdom.– Oprah Winfrey

5. Every heart has its own skeletons.– Leo Tolstoy

6. You’re sad because you’re frightened of reality. – Maxime Lagacé

7. Love while you’re ready, forget it when you are alone. – Unknown

8. The funniest people are the saddest one. – Unknown

9. Sorrow is one of the vibrations that show the reality of alive.– Unknown

10. Sadness is a kind of fatigue which can go long. – Unknown

11. It’s not difficult to find a new one, but difficult to get a real one. – Unknown

12. I cried because I didn’t have shoes, but I met a person who didn’t have feet. – Unknown

13. Nothing teach us better than this trio: Fears, Tears and Years.– Unknown

14. Don’t put your happiness in a someone else palms. – Unknown

15. Silence is my words of pain. – Unknown

16. Tears come from the heart, not from brain. – Leonardo da Vinci

17. Tears are words the heart can’t specific.– Gerard manner

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Sad Love Quotes For Life

Sad Love Quotes For Life

Where is love there may be sad moments sometime but without love life is nothing. In love most broken heart prefer sad quotes about love and life to heal their pain. So these beautiful sad quotes may suitable for those who are in love to make days happy.

1. Chasing happiness is guaranteed to make you unhappy. – Ed Latimore

2. Life seems without you. – Unknown

3. Suffering is a present, assume it as hidden mercy.– Rumi

4. The heart is the destroying tool to works.– T.E. Kalem

5. Morning without you is a faded sunrise. – Emily Dickinson

6. I’ve many problems but crying isn’t the solution. – Unknown

7. Our sweetest songs are those that tells the saddest thought.– Unknown

8. Sadness is a wall around gardens. – Unknown

9. In love, there have to be no expectancies and limitations. – Unknown

10. Pain is inevitable. Struggling is optionally available.– M. Kathleen Casey

11. Completing everything isn’t always the answer, because your life isn’t just yours. – Unknown

12. Don’t think of the awful things of others, think about the excellent deeds. – Unknown

13. Person who forgive you, they’re the real humans whom you must not lose.– Unknown

14. People will come and cross, but real ones will continue to be forever. – Unknown

15. Prevent crying what happened, start smiling at what you could. – Unknown

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Sad Quotes About Life

Sad Quotes About Life

Sadness is a part of life because happiness doesn’t stay forever and up and down will happen in everybody life. These sad quotes may play an important role to bring happiness in your sad life. Read and share these sad quotes, it may bummer your happiness.

1. People with good hearts are not easy to get, because they are real gem stones of life. – Unknown

2. I see that when i am unable to be there people will leave out me. – Unknown

3. First, concentrate, then react. But don’t react after concentrate. – Unknown

4. It’s very difficult to neglect someone who had given you so many memories.– Unknown

5. The relationship isn’t supposed for making love, but to be with each other for lifetime. – Unknown

6. Finding real love is not so difficult, but to hold it is continue is very difficult. – Unknown

7. All-day is not the identical, you want to attend and be patient for the great things to take place.– Unknown

8. Crying yourself does not mean that you are vulnerable but it suggests you to be robust. – Unknown

9. Wipe-out your own tears, because people may come for a deal, if they see you weak. – Unknown

10. Never let to realize the causes of your disappointment to others, they won’t get it. – Unknown

11. I don’t cry while you go away from me, but I cry when you not come to me. – Unknown

12. It doesn’t count number who hurt you or broke you down, the topics is who made you to smile again. – Unknown

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Quotes That Make You Cry

Quotes That Make You Cry

The hurt touching sad quotes, which makes people to cry. Sweet but expressing the pain of love life. Those moments when people are on depression because of their sad life and panful life. However on every difficult moments these sad quotes can be a healing factor to them.

1. If someone betrays you, its mean at least you’re making someone happy. – Unknown

2. Time will go, decide today, but don’t create a hazard to regret for tomorrow. – Unknown

3. If you are planning to make it. It can be difficult but you can make make it. – Unknown

4. Don’t worry in your pain, remember that in the future your pain becomes your medication.– Rumi

5. I don’t try to overlook you, I try to help you pass, however in the long run, you’re always on my thoughts. – Unknown

6. You fall in love with the maximum surprising man or woman at the most surprising time. – Unknown

7. Overlook all the reasons why it won’t works, and believe the only purpose why it’ll.– Ziad okay. Abdelnour

8. Continue make me to smile, even if you’re the reason why I’m unhappy.– Zakiya And Majid

9. What tears brings to us, will lead us to grace. Because our pain is never go waste. – Bob Goff

10. The most worst feeling is that, while you feel such a disturbing the man or woman you want to talk to.– Unknown

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Feeling Sad Quotes

Feeling Sad Quotes

People feel sad and depressing when something bad or unexpected happen in their life. But being always sad is harmful, so on that moment try to control yourself, read and share these sad quotes to others. Its may helps to erase your past.

1. Sorrows can’t be explain how a life truly lived, but grief and losses collect possessions. – Stefan Kanfer

2. The partitions we construct around us is to hold disappointment out also keeps out the joy.– Jim Rohn

3. Sadness usually outcomes from one of the following reasons, either a person does not prevail, or the ashamed of his success. – Seneca

4. I have more then 1000 motives to die and thousands of tears to cry. – Draconian

5. No one virtually cares if you’re miserable, so you might be happy– Cynthia Nelms

6. To fall in love is terribly easy, but to fall out of affection is very difficult. – Bess Myerson

7. The tragedy of life isn’t always ends so soon, but we wait see you later to begin it. – William Mather Lewis

8. It’s smooth to cry while you know that everyone who you love will reject you or die.– Chuck Palahniuk

9. Respiratory is difficult. When you cry a lot, it makes you comprehend that respiration is difficult.– David Levithan

10. In love, you’ll have fights however the fight should not cross long, but the love should pass long forever.– Unknown

11. From time to time it takes disappointment to realize happiness, noise to realize silence and lack to value presence. – Unknown

12. Learned a way to be happy because I realise what sadness feel like.– Lilly Singh

13. People tells me that life goes on, but to me life is the element of sadness.– Unknown

14. Sometimes you’ve to listen to yourself, because nobody else give you information.– Unknown

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Sad Depressing Quotes

Sad Depressing Quotes

Depressing makes people dump, so don’t take serious to each pain. Life is beautiful so make more Joyful. Those sad quotes may helps to make your life comfort. Whenever feel depressing read those sad quotes and enjoy the life.

1. People cry, not because they’re susceptible. It’s because they’ve been robust for too lengthy.– Johnny Depp

2. Blaming others on incorrect matters make you continued misery.– Justin Kan

3. The time I spent with you is unforgettable, I wish I could spend always.– Unknown

4. Our best pleasure and our worst pain come in our relationships with others. – Unknown

5. I am single, because I don’t like anybody wreck my life. It is ruining perfectly alone.– Unknown

6. While you love someone, you given everything you can and never count on a return. – Unknown

7. Its long time feeling lonely when a person you care turns into a stranger.– Unknown

8. When you feel the pain, do not forget it’s the signal that your sins are getting less.– Unknown

9. It’s difficult to reply the query what is incorrect while nothings perfect. – Unknown

10. Sad truth of life is the reality of some distance from expectation. – Unknown

11. Love not happen bodily, its happen emotional intellectual feeling concerned. – Unknown

12. I smile its not mean i am happy, because i often smile to cover my disappointment.– Unknown

13. It’s a great deal less difficult not to know matters on occasion.– Stephen Chbosky

14. Most of your troubles are create by yourself because you take life seriously. – Osho

15. Love isn’t always a victory march. It’s a chilly and it’s a broken hallelujah. – Leonard Cohen

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Depressing Quotes About Life

Depressing Quotes About Life

Wonderful sad quotes, which may play stunning role on depressing life into divert joyful. Thinking every time about past and pushing life in depression is bad. Enjoy and live a wonderful life. May these sad quotes can be your motivator.

1. Any fool person can be happy. It need a man with real heart to convert to beauty, that makes us to weep. – Clive Barker

2. Waiting is painful. Forgetting is difficult. But not knowing anything is worst form of struggle. – Unknown

3. You can not protect yourself from unhappiness, without defending from happiness.– Jonathan Safran Foer

4. I’ve got from pain than I may want to ever discovered from delight. – Unknown

5. Let to be sunshine, let to be rain, let the broken heart love once again. – Bruce Springsteen

6. Be patient wherein you take a seat in the dark, because the sunrise is coming. – Rumi

7. We should embrace pain and burn in life. Take it as fuel for our journey. – Kenji Miyazawa

8. Don’t worry about me, Cross and revel yourself. I’ll stay here being depress.– Eeyore

9. The greater secrets and techniques you have got, the less happy you’re going to be.– Naval Ravikant

10. To be more comfortable yourself, improve your expertise. To improve it learn how to meditate. – Maxime Lagacé

11. Mostly the problems in life comes from false impression.– Lucy Maud Montgomery

12. Life will carry your pain always itself. But your duty is to create a joy.– Milton Erickson

13. Your pain is the breaking shell that encloses your knowledge. – Kahlil Gibran

14. You can’t ask the darkness to depart; so you should turn on the light. – Sogyal Rinpoche

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Sad Quotes About Life and Pain

Sad Quotes About Life and Pain

The painful life is difficult always. Try to reduce your stress, stay happy and enjoy the life. Amazing collection of sad quotes can ne the reason of your happiness. Just read and share our sad quotes to others, it can bring back your happiness again in life.

1. Nobody can prevent the waves, however you may learn how to surf. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

2. Depression is the perception, that can be just like nowadays. – Rob Bell

3. Everyday isn’t the equal, you have be patient for the good day to show up.

4. She is with me because she wishes my money, not my love. –Priyanshu Singh

5. There is a pain, which I often feel, you may not realize. It’s because of your absence. – Ashleigh

6. The magic of old flame is lack of knowledge that it may ever end. – Benjamin Disraeli

7. Love is the burning point of life, considering that life is sorrowful. Stronger the love, greater the pain. – Joseph Campbell

8. When a person lies to you, because the fact they don’t know you sufficient, to be honest, that they assume you are too stupid to realize the difference. – Unknown

9. Sadness is normally comes from one of the following causes, either a person does no longer prevail or is ashamed of his achievement. – Unknown

10. Don’t be sad about what you don’t have. Be happy what you have, If you will be sad about what you don’t have, you may never can be happy in life.– Leo Tolstoy

11. On pain days, there are so many horrific matters to appear. But the truth is if you leave your wish you lose everything. So live stronger and tell all people by your work you are a real hero.

Those special sad quotes are helpful to make your life joyful. Life is amazing so don’t push your wonderful life into depression. Whenever you feel sad just watch these sad quotes and share to others. Hope these sad quotes will be your motivator to your beautiful life ahead.

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